Alexis Linkletter
Alexis Linkletter

Everyone has a story to tell.
You have a story to tell.
And I want to tell your story.
It’s what I live for.
It’s in my blood.

I grew up on Long Island, one of the capitals of true crime. But my roots run deep in Hollywood. My great grandfather was Art Linkletter, who won a lifetime achievement Emmy after working in television for seven decades, starring in family friendly-fare like “People are Funny” and “Kids Say the Darnedest Things.”

Me? I go darker and deeper in my television storytelling. I seek to explore the human condition, attempting to understand everything from the cruelty of serial killers to the empathy of advocates. There are a million stories that need to be told, and not all of them are bright and sunny. The subjects might be monsters. But the people I serve are the victims and their friends and family.

I’ve done virtually every job in the producing spectrum, I’ve done field producing, post producing, and executive producing. Starting in 2015, I began working on one of the biggest true crime franchises on television. From there, I was a producer on “Unmasking a Killer” which aired on HLN just weeks before the subject of the documentary—The Golden State Killer—was captured. I then worked as a producer on Deadly Recall and MTV’s True Life Crime, and the list goes on.

But perhaps the best example of how I tell stories exists in The First Degree, a podcast that I write, produce, and co-host each week since 2018. Tagged as “The True Crime Podcast That You Might End Up On,” The First Degree tells the tale of a crime from the vantage point of someone closely connected to the crime, the victim… or the perpetrator. Along with my co-hosts Jac Vanek and Billy Jensen, one week we might uncover small-town stories that few people have heard before, while the next week we may profile a notorious case—anything from Jonestown to Ted Bundy—from a perspective no one has ever heard before. The daughter of serial killer BTK, the son of cult leader Jim Jones and Lorena Bobbitt have all trusted us with their stories, and we have told more than 100 of them. We have not once received negative feedback from our interview guests about how I conducted their interview or how their story was told. In fact, I have remained friends with dozens of subjects. What can I say—I’m an empath, and I guess I’ve managed to find balance between telling a compelling story without being exploitative.

In 2020, I created, and began executive producing and starring in Unraveled, a new hybrid 7-part podcast and two-hour documentary series on Investigation Discovery. The first story, Unraveled:The Long Island Serial Killer, investigates the investigation of the ten bodies found along Ocean Parkway—and uncovers the reasons why the crime has never been solved.

Between the producing, the podcasts, the documentary specials and being on-camera talent, I have a lot of stories running around in my mind ready to be told. But there is always room for one more.

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